What is SMS marketing? Everything we need to know

In marketing in general there are certain techniques and different types of strategies, necessary for both the virtual and physical market. For that reason, the need to reach all people and even your potential customer is born. In such a way that we find SMS marketing, which has become essential and an ally for those who bet and need the most traditional method.

We must contemplate, what although for some people this seems inefficient, we guarantee as an expert what has one of the best conversions. Even when the costs of paid advertising strategies for social networks are sky high.

SMS Marketing: what is it and what are its benefits?

We have a brief introduction we need to know exactly what SMS marketing, necessary for interaction. It is a brief greeting or a short information, which people receive through their phone. Indistinctly, if they have a software what controls, an agenda of numbers or simply are the WhatsApp contacts of the company, who receive the SMS as a marketing strategy.  

In any case, a single message is sent automatically. Which offers the customer who is taking this marketing strategy, the benefit of automation. The importance of automation is driven by the incredible ability to save time and also to be able to repeat tasks from time to time. That is, one of the main ideas is that you have the benefit of sending different advertising campaigns to your potential customer, thus convincing them of the product for service.

Why is sending bulk SMS effective?

It turns out that we always keep the contact of a person who is interested in the product or service. However, this same person needs to see a number of material or advertising, to be convinced to make the decision to purchase it.

The moment they see it for the first time is the moment they get to know you. Just as if you were meeting a new person, she must buy into you and know that you are also interested in her, in order to make a possible friendship. So, even though paid advertising is somewhat effective despite its increases and prices, it only shows you once.

Unlike that, if you manage to have an agenda of contacts with the numbers of your potential customers, you can make an SMS. You can send them with any means, such as WhatsApp or the messaging of each phone traditionally. Although many will say that the usual SMS is old-fashioned, everyone needs a phone number to be contacted and use applications.  For now, these messages are much more effective because it attracts attention to receive one, in an inbox that is hardly used.

How to send SMS to sell more

Now not only the software with which you will send the message will have the job, even if I hired a private service to carry out this marketing strategy. But the way to send a message to sell more must also have its technique. Because we want to know how to reach the potential customer in the right way. For example, to know what will go in your message you must take into account data such as:

1.           Who is the potential customer?

2.           How old is the potential customer?

3.           What does the potential customer do?

4.           What is the product that most appeals to the potential customer?

We should never make a marketing SMS that does not have enough impact on the customer in the first message. In addition, you should take into account, add a discount, thus attracting the customer’s attention. You should also make it short and to expand the information you can add a short link.

In such a way that the same one contacts you. Always keep in mind that what you are offering is not for the benefit of the company or enterprise, but that you are giving something to your potential client. You must understand that in only two lines you must capture their attention. Nor should we go to the limit of exaggerating, because this may be misleading advertising and infringe the rights of the consumer in different countries.

Massive Messages Without Spam

The extreme is to use repeatedly, the massive messages which becomes Spam. Since, if you have not managed to impact a customer as it is due in these opportunities, you will become annoying for him. Therefore, you run the risk of being blocked, reported or even spreading the word of what is an annoying service company. So, respect, the space of each of these messages that are sent as SMS marketing strategy. Remembering what no technique, you will have results and is not employed in the right way.

Here lies a lot of what websites do with the information they request to the customer. Since in an automated way collecting data from each of them and will serve you to make these advertising campaigns or SMS marketing strategies. So, if you have been in charge of collecting this data from the beginning, you have definitely managed to do an excellent job.

Specialists emphasize the acceptance of people who receive an SMS with 98% when the acceptance for advertising in most products is less than 4% Similarly this becomes a channel where you can deliver the most important information. It will always be available, in the same way forcing the user to see them because the only way to delete it is by entering it.

Examples of campaign in the marketing SMS

At this point, you will already have a little understood, what SMS marketing strategies are all about. Finally, I want to leave you some important information, about examples of them. It is appropriate to use it as:

Reminder message

Through the messages you can send those customers who were pending to make a reservation or purchase a product. In the same way, it would apply if they were ever interested, but never materialized.

Confirmation message

At the moment that, to the client between opinion and information, you can give a confirmation message. Letting you know that they carry the company has verified.

Personalized messages

You can use a special occasion such as the date of the birthday, with which they left the registry to send discount gifts, for example. With a short congratulations. You can repeat this on any special date.

If you apply all of this in the manner detailed in the information, then you will have a very fruitful marketing strategy. Where you will get results immediately in the short term.

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