Google Ads YouTube video

The constant consumption made by individuals on online platforms is extremely extensive, due to the platforms currently developed such as YouTube, which allows them to use tools such as the Google Ads service.

It is a high visualization service, which manages to show your content to people who are looking for such content at the network level, which means that these offers are not overshadowed, but rather more visible among users who browse the digital medium.

Which is something that will continue to be a trend today, because a large part of the population worldwide is dedicated to consuming content through the network and are able to create digital marketing strategies, which will boost them as a project in all the professional aspect.

What is defined as Google Ads YouTube video?

This is defined as the video marketing system that is complemented to manage advertising on the YouTube social platform; where they can be created in various formats, as well as adapted according to the audience that could catch your attention of your product.

So it is ideal to have an optimal knowledge of such an advertising tool, so that when required, it is used in an organized and directed way, in such a way they would not occur to unnecessary expenses.

What benefit does using Google Ads YouTube video bring?

Currently this tool has had an expansion at the level of ads on this social platform, because so far they could show the content they upload in various spaces that could become interesting for those potential potential customers.

This makes this option is considered by many of the entrepreneurs today, since the scope they manage to contain through this service is gratifying at a general level, more than anything for the fact of appearing to those who are interested in such a subject that they work.

This is achieved by the option of being able to configure such a tool of Google Ads YouTube video, which has the option to direct you between countries, ages, theme, among others … So the individual will always have the main management that such advertising is directed to a specific audience.

These options work in campaign format, which means that such a platform has precise spaces of the system, even that it appears between shorts while producing a video in such a service.

In addition, the video format is the most preferred among the audience, because it will stimulate the vision of the individual and this could cause interest, in this way direct them by clicking to the service or page where they have their enterprise.

Just as it would boost the positioning of Google, which would be the most optimal in a project, because Google is associated with the YouTube search engine, that is why whenever you have a badge that frames both audiovisual content and text format, it will be generally successful.

What kind of ad formats do I have in YouTube Ads?

In such a social platform there are various advertising formats, where they will be available at any time, as long as it complies with the parameters requested on the network; which is totally useful because it does until it appears in the mobile application, as well as in Audio Ads.

These are some of the most used:

·  Display Ads: This is the ad that appears to individuals by the prominent part of the video, as well as in the suggestion list that appears on the side in a box that gives good visualization.

·  Overlay Ads: It consists of those ads that appear suddenly while a video is produced; that is, it appears semitransparently while a content is being developed and this more than anything occupies 20% of the bottom of the player.

·  Skippable video Ads: It consists of skippable videos that will appear momentarily in the production of other videos, in which the viewer will have the option to choose to continue watching the ad or skip this after a few seconds have passed.

·  Bumper Ads: These are non-skippable videos that consist of a maximum duration of 6 seconds, in which the viewer must see it to continue with the video he is producing.  In addition, this option has the uniqueness that it will be accompanied by a complementary banner or if an image of thumbnail form in which you can click on it.

These are just some of those that are really available, so you could investigate beyond this and find the various tools they have, in order to profit from customers according to the format they use.

What needs to be done to succeed in Google Ads YouTube video?

To achieve success with this tool, it is essential to plan that allows you to deduce the budget and objective you plan to achieve, since being something of a lot of audience, it could fall short if they do not make a good management.

As well as experiencing the various formats that exist, so that they deduce with what best brings visualization to their ads, which is something that very few take into account and is that it is obvious that many of the formats that exist benefit a certain theme as well as others do not.

Rather some could become very invasive and people will only pass from it, unlike others, which could generate interest; As well as the good management of keywords to use in this advertising campaign, this will complement a good area for your ad.

It is also ideal that they have a good design of the ad they want to promote, in this way it would capture much more the attention of potential future customers that they can find and this is something that many care about, taking into account that most people on the internet to consume something first detail before reaching the end of it.

Last know how to have a good presentation in the redirection of the ad, so that they can have a greater retention of time in the person who visits the portal for an interest that has caused.

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