How to use free email marketing? (email campaign)

[adinserter block=»3″]If you have started a new project and you are online, you may have been asking yourself a series of questions. Many of them related to how to use free email marketing in my business?, to get the most out of the tool. If I am correct, it is very likely that you have also asked yourself:

  • What free resources can I start with?
  • What tools do I have at my disposal?
  • How could I promote my business with these tools?
  • Is it very difficult to use email marketing?

In the following lines I will answer each of your concerns…

Use free email marketing in your new venture

To start a new project it is valid to use a free service, which you can improve according to the needs that arise. Currently, there are many companies that offer tools that guarantee direct communication with customers.

One of them is MailRelay which has a free version and a paid version. In addition, it is a very simple platform to use and with a wide scope that considers two important variables when making campaigns: ease and price. What is the function of free or paid email marketing campaigns?

Before specifying what it is for, it is important to clarify what free email marketing is about in a business. In this sense, the blog 40defiebre proposes the following:

«This is a communication technique, in which email is used to attract potential customers.»


Additionally, it makes it possible to publicize what the company is doing and how it is doing it. Which is very important for:

1. Think of a communication plan with users

To take advantage of this tool, you need to start thinking like an expert and create campaigns designed to inform what you do and how you do it. Therefore, it is possible to use strategies such as press releases, emails with quality content or services that you offer.

2. Make yourself known on the internet to gain authority

Any person who specializes in an area and has knowledge to contribute to the rest of the population, can undertake and tell Google «here I am». In this way, when a client requires your services, you can reach her.

To make some sense of the above, let’s take the example of “a carpenter”. He would possibly think: who would want to know about carpentry if now everything is related to technology? It is true that perhaps there is not the same interest in knowing about carpentry, as there is in relation to technology. However, there will always be someone in need of your services and you can reach them through a blog about “unique and collectible woodcarvings”, for example.

At first, it is likely that you will not manage a database of clients that you have helped with your work. But perhaps, he has been forming one with the companies that have hired him to help their clients.

3. Get into the minds of potential customers

It is also possible to use free email marketing in your business to get into people’s heads through your newsletter. Although it is likely that the information you communicate will not be of interest to everyone, it is possible that some will arrive.

Continuing with the example of the carpenter, it could be collectors, lovers of works of art and woodworking. Which will know where to get you if they require your products or services. Trying that your advertising is not invasive but rather fun and that it arouses interest in the user.

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Turn email marketing into a direct communication technique

In many of the free email marketing tools on the market, segmentation is possible. That is, form groups in which some characteristics are common.

One of them is MailRelay, the tool that was previously used as a reference and that offers the possibility of making up to 75,000 mailings per month. Which is excellent, because it will serve you for a considerable period of time in your beginnings.

In addition, it allows you to create a database of 15,000 contacts, which is not bad at all to start in the world of email marketing. There are also other tools such as Mailchimp. However, this is one of the ones that offers the most range and capacity.

Finally, starting from the database that will be formed, you will be able to use this tool as a communication channel. Therefore, you must choose the content that you are going to share in a way that is fun, creative, effective or meaningful for the readers.

Am I disadvantaged by using a free email marketing service in my business?

Not really, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s poor quality or flawed. However, you must learn to make correct use of this tool to reach the right people.

Also, if you do not have the time to do it yourself, you have the option of hiring third parties or companies. In this sense, there are many that provide advice on how to carry out a campaign correctly using free email marketing in your business.

Keep in mind that to take full advantage of this tool, customers must be well segmented. So that the information reaches people who value it and not those who are not interested.

And always remember that the information is aimed at people, so you should think about what they might like or be interested in.

Use the internet to grow your business

The internet is an excellent communication channel through which it is possible to:

  • Get your subscribers.
  • Associate those subscribers with CRM tools to see if they converted.
  • Measure the sending of your campaigns in different facets.
  • Increase your chances to interact with potential customers.

Implement an optimized digital strategy

To achieve good results in the digital world, it is convenient to take into account two aspects:

  1. Use good email marketing tools as a direct communication channel.
  2. Be clear about what you are going to communicate.

Therefore, if you manage to identify a group of customers interested in an area or service of your company after carrying out a good segmentation, you could implement a strategy. For example, create two newsletters taking into account the particularities of each one.

It is also convenient to use email or email marketing to communicate good news, news, promotions and more. This is achieved through advertising and commercial campaigns using your database.

Using free email marketing in your business will allow you to promote and sell. In addition, the customer will benefit from buying with discounts and promotions or at least he will know you.

Features you can take advantage of with email marketing

Some platforms that offer this service allow you to make use of various features, for example:

  • The newsletter publishers.
  • Subscription forms.
  • The segmentation or creation of internal groups to send emails in certain periods of time.
  • The auto reply function.

As you can see, entering digital marketing is no longer reserved for just a few people. Currently, you can make use of free tools such as email marketing to get clients and promote your services. It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself or get overwhelmed if some of the options are confusing at first. Because little by little, if you dedicate time to inform yourself and train yourself , you will be able to use this tool effectively.[adinserter block=»3″]

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