Learn to work with Cryptocurrencies, to generate an income from home

Many times it happens that you are looking for a job and you do not get the long-awaited job. Or there are some that are not to our liking. You should never despise or waste a job if you are looking for it and there is also a need. But we should all know that there are ways to earn money, if you learn the correct method of how to achieve it. Earning money and being successful in your own business is not easy, but what is often missing is the right knowledge to achieve it. The vast majority of entrepreneurs jump into the water without knowing anything and with cryptocurrencies it is no different.

It happens that the vast majority of people who start in the crypto business launch without even fully understanding what a cryptocurrency is, how it is traded with them, how the market fluctuates, and the reasons for its fluctuations. The result of this is to lose the little or a lot of money that is invested.

I once heard an expert say that no one should trade in the stock market with cryptocurrencies, if they do not first have the knowledge of how to trade in the stock market with shares and other securities. And at that time I did not understand the reason, today with more knowledge, I know the reason I had. If we do not learn to operate with more stable values, we will not be able to operate in a market where fluctuations are much more complex and where stability does not exist.

But beware, I don’t want to throw your spirits to the ground with this, but rather you understand, to start working with cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to have at least basic knowledge, listen to experts on the subject, not start by investing a lot of money and not launch for the most valued cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Methods or ways of working with cryptocurrencies

Before starting to talk about the methods to work with cryptocurrencies and be able to earn money, I must clarify that there are quick methods to achieve it, but they are more risky and slow methods that are less risky. In short, if you want to make money fast, we expose ourselves to losing money, if on the contrary we can wait to see profits, the losses could be low or nil. I clarify this, because in the crypto market, you can make money, but you always run the risk of losing.

It is important (personal advice), go little by little. Acquiring knowledge so that profits can be more «safe» and risk can be minimized as much as possible.

Trading with Cryptocurrencies

When we talk about trading, you may imagine the traditional way of doing it, and if we are going to talk that way too. But it is not the only way to trade, and in fact if you have little experience it is not the one I am going to recommend.

pay for signals

If you are determined to start, but you do not have any experience, the first option is to pay for signals. There are brokers that offer to pay a commission to the most recognized traders with the highest profits. So what you do is basically

Copy all the moves of these experts. You can do it manually or automatically with a Bot. You can also choose to pay for a signal service on platforms like Fiverr. If you do, check the seller’s reputation and don’t start by investing a lot of money.

Trading the traditional way

If what you want is to trade, because it is the way to obtain profits quickly; trading is the best. If you don’t want to pay for signals, you may want to do it yourself. But if you don’t have the right knowledge, I recommend you not to do it, without first learning.

Lend the cryptocurrencies

This is a way to get a return on your investment in crypto, without doing anything at all. The way to do it is through some Exchange that allow it. Basically it is about lending your cryptos, to earn interest passively. In this type of transaction there are no risks, the lender (in this case you), will always get their money back. The Exchange is responsible for offering the guarantees for this to happen.


This is the safe way to lend your cryptos. What you do is lend them in a fixed term. In that period you will see the profits that you are obtaining, and they are added to your deposit, but the money that is in staking cannot be withdrawn until the term to do so arrives. There are options to do it for a few days, months or years.


Mining is the option to earn cryptocurrencies without risking your capital. To mine there are several options, from applications that you can download on your cell phone, to investing a few thousand in a mining rig. You can mine with your computer, but you will not be able to mine cryptos like Bitcoin, there are so many transactions per second, that, in that case, you will need a rig. But there are so many smaller cryptos to start with that it is one way to start mining if you don’t have the money to invest in hardware.

Conclusion on working with Cryptocurrencies

The options I talk about in this article are the most common and perhaps the easiest, not counting trading cryptos on your own, which is the riskiest. With all of them you will have to invest some money to start. It is true that you can start with 100 dollars, but if you want to make good profits, you should know that the higher the investment, the higher the profits, but also the higher the losses.

Investments always present risks and this is something that you should take into account before starting. Therefore, if the money you are going to invest cannot be spent because you need it to pay your bills, do not do it. Wait to have a capital, which if you can have to start working with cryptocurrencies. You do not need a large amount to start, but when you do, you must make sure that it is money that you can invest, because in general, while you learn, you lose.

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